Why you need to start walking again

The simple act of walking has a lot of health benefits. This physical activity allows us to burn a lot of calories and make our muscles active and stronger. Best, walking regularly helps us provide problems like insomnia and depression.


Based on a study done recently, four out of five women walk regularly. Out of those for women, 50% of them choose an extracurricular activity like swimming or jogging for a few weeks. Therefore, walking is a stepping stone to other activities as it also helps motivate people to perform more demanding exercises and activities.

But why exactly did the case? This is simply because walking is a simple activity that easily fits in a busy lifestyle. It does not take much to walk and it is also free Best of all, it can be accomplished in little time spans of 10 minutes each. Another health benefit of walking is that it helps combat depression and insomnia which is a growing problem for many people, especially those who undergo a lot of stress at work.

The first week you start walking, walk for only 10 minutes and do so three times a day. The next week, start increasing this time by 10 to 20% or by one minute. Rinse and repeat. When you feel that you are ready, start introducing little activities like jogging into the mix. Don’t force yourself, take it slowly. From time to time, walk faster and faster for three minutes.

If you cannot perform walking outside, then you can do so inside with a treadmill. This is a very fun and enjoyable substitute for walking inside. Best of all, it has the same health benefit as walking outside. Just make sure that you are in a room with good air circulation and your windows are open. It is not as fun as walking outside, but the treadmill still has its good and positive side for your health.

In any case, we have this tendency of walking faster on the treadmill which has the good effect of burning more calories. So, if you are on a diet then this is an added bonus. Furthermore, treadmills have rough surfaces that help the articulation of the leg and feet.


And finally, a very big advantage of using a treadmill inside is that outside whether or not affect you. Therefore, you can still walk every day even if it is raining outside.

So, what excuse do you have for not using a treadmill?